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       Dear Friends:      

       Hong Kong welcomes the Amazon group of like-minded partners to become our distributors together to create a better 

future. Group is a large-scale expansion of the continent's food and beverage market, this opportunity is when you get the 

market while nurturing, marketing assistance and other aspects of support from a large international organization, also has 

signed an exclusive distribution rights area and profit. We are confident that under the leadership of our professional quality 

assurance and international brands, join our distribution team, will create a successful life is not the same as your own. At 

present, the average coverage of the Amazon Group in China 2781 county / district market up to 38%. You can click on 

the [Investment Policy] button to enter the details page, read our joining information. 

Tel:  :0755-29301096     

We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!      

Hong Kong, Mainland Division Amazon Group


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