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Food safety
Nutrition and health
Amazon nutrition center
Nutrition and health Food safety
食品安全   Food safety

       Amazon to " bring more people to enjoy a healthy life " for enterprise mission , the implementation of strict food safety standards close to demanding , which is Amazon 's corporate mission to achieve basic security .     

       As a 100% safety standards oriented food and beverage companies , food safety has always been a cornerstone of the survival and development of the Amazon . Products from carefully selected raw materials , product design and manufacturing process of risk assessment and monitoring, vendor management and mutual coexistence of multiple aspects of development such as the establishment of relations, to ensure product quality management and monitoring throughout . " from product concept to product consumption , "the industrial and sales process .     

       Amazon's food and beverage management system through the Global Food Safety Initiative ISO certification , in line with ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 standards, a variety of effective food safety management system requirements in order to minimize food safety risks . In addition, Amazon factories in China, according to international standards and China standard dual audit so as to form a relatively more stringent , meet local market needs quality management system.

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