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Food safety
Nutrition and health
Amazon nutrition center
Nutrition and health Nutrition and health
營養與健康 Nutrition and health

      Ensure the safety of all products is our basic principle, but is concerned about the nutrition and health of the Amazon to build brand vision. Under the premise of fully protect food safety, Amazon will put the needs of consumers in the core position, to listen to the views of consumers from product conception to production of each link will understand and meet their nutritional content of foods, tastes, and thus produce safe, healthy, delicious and quality food by consumers favorite beverage.      

       We firmly believe that diet is the human factor to achieve and maintain a healthy living. Amazon's focus on health food drinks is definitely not a whim, to promote health through food and drink is a major focus of the Amazon development, promote the sustained and massive R & D investment. Allow people to enjoy music while healthy food plus is our relentless pursuit, and to ensure that as many people can enjoy to the Amazon product is our current efforts.     



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