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       Amazon's brand was founded in 1997 , represents more than just the Amazon in Brazil exotic, more of a broad and rich inclusive. The Amazon rainforest covers an area of 7,000,000 square kilometers , across eight countries ( Brazil , Colombia, Peru , Venezuela, Ecuador , Bolivia, Guyana and Suriname ) , accounted for half of the world's rainforest area , 20% of the forest area , is the world 's largest and species the largest tropical rainforest. The Amazon rainforest contains most of the world 's most abundant and diverse biological resources , insects, plants, birds and other species up to millions , it also has " the world's plant and animal kingdom ," said. Guarana is one of the most important plants of the Amazon rainforest , which gives local residents a steady stream of healthy energy . Amazon rainforest every year swallowed a large amount of global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), and he made a lot of oxygen , 30% of the world's oxygen is derived from the " Amazon" , so Amazon is also known as the " lungs of the Earth ."

       Of course, we build is not " Animal Kingdom " , we build a food empire. In the future, we will expand the snack food , health products , drinks , tea, dried foods, local products to enrich our items ; in the future, we want to expand the market to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan , and then to Asia and around the world ; in the future " Amazon" will represent an honor , "Amazon " will give you a strong confidence and protection. We will inherit the Amazon rainforest rich and wonderful, the brand culture will be passed to every consumer and partners. Company training of personnel same applies Amazon rainforest , where everyone is fertile ground is rain, the sun , is the " Amazon" brand solid foundation and healthy backing, "Amazon " is growing every effort of my colleagues have , we have the right to share this rightful interests . After all these years of unremitting efforts, we have achieved the brand value of 3.0 billion , but that is not enough, we need to do better , to go further , let the "Amazon " as more consumers health enjoyment.

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