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    Amazon Group is a product development, production and sales in one of the modern large-scale food and beverage companies , the group was founded in 2009 and headquartered in Hong Kong , was established in the mainland , " the Amazon of Shenzhen Investment Limited " for the investment and management of the mainland market . Group's ongoing strategic layout of the country of origin , to strengthen their capacity upgrade , now officially started Huangshan , Shanwei and a number of factory production lines , daily output of up to 120 million bottles , to ensure that the growing market demand. Over the years in the Amazon Group adhere to the " global original ecological industrial chain ," the expansion and maintenance of each product at the beginning of the project has to bring more consumers to enjoy a healthy lifestyle rigid requirements, so in the latter part of the raw materials and production lines on both a strict control standards . 

       Amazon Group beverages based products, guarana drinks, fortified with vitamin drinks, cocktails and a dozen Amazon products are well received by the consumers. Benefit from the advantages of the distribution model , and costs related to the amount of billions of dollars into the market , the current average market share of the domestic beverage Amazon up to 38% , the foreign market is steadily developing . 

      Amazon brand 

      Amazon brand to drink as the main product , there are currently guarana drinks, fortified with vitamin drinks , fruit drinks , cocktails and more than 10 types of products , different specifications accumulated dozens of single product. Amazon's brand health and diversity of product characteristics, health drinks, not just to meet the market demand , it is a way of promoting progress , and product diversification are the characteristics of the mainland market is the market in the mainland population of the north and south , the city of levels, product diversification can maximize the expansion of market channels. The future, we will continue to develop plant protein drinks , tea drinks and purified drinking water. Amazon's brand will be the same as the Amazon rainforest has extensive product line, enabling consumers to bring more mental and physical products . 

      In addition to extensive product line , Amazon brand more unique is that the relentless pursuit of health products , Amazon brand adhering to the group "Global original ecological industrial chain " concept of operations , from raw materials to processing sites , to market channels are not by national boundaries. Amazon brand also with excellent quality and unique distribution model , has a huge consumer groups in China 2781 county, district, its strong strength and credibility to make the Amazon brand success.

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